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BI-LO & Winn-Dixie are proud to sponsor many events, venues, programs, teams and clubs in our local neighborhoods.  We seeks sponsorship opportunities that reach families and children in fun, educational and neighborhood-oriented settings where we can promote our stores and the delicious and nutritious foods we sell.



  • NEIGHBORHOOD SPONSORSHIP:  follow the directions  below  for sponsorships of local events, venues and programs.


If you would like to submit a NEIGHBORHOOD SPONSORSHIP proposal, please carefully read our submissions policy and guidelines.

  • All sponsorship proposals must be submitted via our  online form.  We no longer accept proposals via mail, fax or email.
  • For sponsorships involving marketing activation, we require proposals to be submitted a minimum of  six  months prior to the event or season start date.  For very basic sponsorships, we require proposals to be submitted a minimum of  six weeks prior to the event or season start date.
  • BI-LO & Winn-Dixie limits sponsorships to opportunities within our eight-state operating region: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee .
  • Requests for gift cards and product donations should be directed in writing to your local Store Director. 
  • BI-LO Winn-Dixie Foundation grant applications can be found at 

This online application will require you to provide  detailed information regarding your sponsorship.  Please submit one application for each event, venue or program sponsorship, presenting  one sponsorable package for BI-LO & Winn-Dixie's consideration.  If you have additional packages/levels available for our consideration, you may share this information in the "comments" section of your application. 

For clarification on most questions,  point your cursor over the question text and a brief explanation will appear on screen.  All questions with a red  asterisk ( *must be answered.  If you encounter a required field for a question that does  not apply to your sponsorship, do  not leave the field blank.  Instead, simply enter " N/A."

This application will  not allow you to save/return to make changes so we recommend you  print and  review a blank form  before filling out the application.  You may do so by clicking on "Printable Form" (see the top right of this page).

If you require technical support with this site, please contact SPONSORIUM at or 514-393-8767 or toll free at 877-776-6767. 

Thank you for considering BI-LO & Winn-Dixie as a potential sponsor!


BI-LO & Winn-Dixie Neighborhood Involvement